The legionary

A work of art

with exclusive benefits

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01. Benefit

Best Trading Rates on OTSAFE

The Legionary NFT ensures the best rates on the OTSAFE exchange, unlocking an exclusive discount on all transactions. Enjoy privileged conditions to maximize your investments.

02. benefit

Profit from Buying and Selling

As the owner of the Legionary NFT, you receive 1% of the value of all transactions, ensuring a continuous source of earnings, both on purchases and sales.

03. benefit

MMORPG Perseus World - Privileges

The 3 NFTs from the Legionnaires collection that go up for auction will grant access to the world of Perseus World with a God-level account. The remaining NFTs will guarantee access to a Warrior-level account.

Every Legionary


This is the value of each item in this collection. Once they are sold, the price will be dictated by the market.


The 3 rarest artworks in the collection

The first three units: 00001, 00002, 00003 will be auctioned as they possess a special combination. Each of them contains the rarest items from each category and a unique color among them.

Profit from ​buying and selling

Holders of The Legionary NFT will receive 1% of the value of all transactions made, proportionally distributed based on the quantity of NFTs the holder possesses.

These distribution rules also apply to special auction units.

Please note that changes to fees and expenses related to distribution may be altered at any time without prior notice.

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Now, with the Legionnaire NFT, you ensure the highest level of discount within the exchange. Have the best rates and the security you need all in one place.

Perseus World is an MMORPG based on MU that uses blockchain technology and NFTs operating on the Play and Earn model.

Each account within the game grants different types of privileges, from the most basic to the most advanced, including Humans, Warriors, Demigod, and God.

The 3 Legionnaires going up for auction will grant access to the world of Perseus World with a God-level account. The remaining NFTs will guarantee access to a Warrior-level account.


Alfred Alves

Alfred Alves, the artist behind the Legionnaire, embarked on his journey starting with a passion for games until he became the versatile creator he is today. Initially involved with 3D, his journey included an internship in mapped projection, innovative legal collaborations, and assistance in building NexLab. However, the pandemic challenged his career, leading him to rethink and pursue new paths, rediscovering his passion for 2D and leaving behind 3D.

The turning point came when Legion School S.A proposed the creation of the Legionnaire NFT. Initially hesitant, Alfred accepted, diving into a creative journey that culminated in the impressive NFT. This opportunity not only reignited his creative flame but also opened doors to a permanent position at Legion School S.A. Today, he leads website development projects, putting his true passion into practice: creation and construction in various forms. An inspiring journey of resilience, reinvention, and creative success.

Follow our journey.

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